Snake Information

(snake)Scientific Classification

(snake)Guides to Types of Snakes

The World of Atheris: A Guide to the African Bush Vipers
The Sand Boa Page
The Python Page

(snake)Regional Snake Guides

Australian Venomous snakes
Snakes of North America
North American Snakes
Nova Scotia Snakes
Costa Rica Handbook: Amphibians and Reptiles

The United States of America
Florida Backyard Snakes
Snakes of Western Kentucky
All About Snakes in Maryland
Snakes of Massachusetts
Snakes: Information for Missouri Homeowners
South Carolina Snake Pictures Page
North Dakota Snakes
West Texas Snake Pictures Page

(snake)Just Pictures

Interesting Photos Page
Fotosearch snake stock photos and images

(snake)Other Sites

The Snakes Bite (Video blog)
Venomous Snakes
Popular Pets/Snakes
Information about the care of captive snakes.
NetSnake (Snake Cartoons)
Snake Tales
Harry Piorun Reptiles Specialising in Pythons, Boas, and Colubrids.
Bayou Bob's Brazos River Rattlesnake Ranch
The Unnatural Museum - Big Snakes
snake care
Tucson Herpetological Society
Coloring Book for Children
Hartford Reptile Breeding Center
Jason's Snakes & Reptiles
Snake Utopia
Living Art Reptiles

(snake)Lists of Links

Electronic Zoo / NetVet - Reptile Page - Snakes
Herp Index
Yahooligans Snakes
ReptileTopSites - Snake Pages

(snake)Web Rings

Ring of Snake Lovers > Snakes

(snake)Legless Lizards

Caecilians Web Site
Snake-Lizards (Pygopodidae)
Legless Lizards (Aprasia)
Legless Lizards (Delma)
Pygopus nigriceps
The Striped Legless Lizard

(snake)Mentions of legless lizards

The Lizards of Missouri

(snake)Snake Robots

Dr. Gavin Miller's Snake Robots
GMD's Collection of Snake-like Robots

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