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I am married to Linda Herbison, and have three sons, Robert, Joshua, and Ken.

I am currently working for Raytheon. I am also part of Herbison Consulting.

After growing up in Sidney, New York, USA and attending Sidney Central Schools, I attended Colgate University, concentrating in Mathematics and Computer Science. My graduate work was done at the Yale University Department of Computer Science. I have previously worked at Digital Equipment Corporation (aka DEC, since purchase by Compaq, which was purchased by Hewlett-Packard), Kendall Square Research Corporation (since purchased by Dolphin Interconnect Solutions), Data General Corporation (since purchased by EMC), and HighGround Systems (since purchased by Sun Microsystems).

Do you know anyone with the last name of `Herbison'? I am interested in genealogy.

Do you ever keep all your eggs in one basket?

Are you looking for an Internet access provider?

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